5 Things To Know About Smart Phone Repair

A smartphone is a popular device that is used by most of society. Many people rely on a smartphone to communicate, work, and get notified of the latest news and gossip. When the smartphone breaks or quits working, it can be devastating. Before you go and spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone repair technician, there are several repairs you can do yourself. Being able to do these five repair tricks can save you time and money.


Damaged Screen

A broken or cracked screen can be a huge inconvenience. It does not have to expensive to fix. You buy a replacement screen cheap online and install it yourself. In order to replace the screen, you will have to take your phone apart. Unscrew the necessary screws to remove the broken screen. Be careful not to hurt yourself when you are disconnecting the damaged screen from the phone. The new screen can be installed the same way you removed the bad screen. Be careful not to break the screen when lining it up on the phone. Once the screen is in place, insert the proper screws to hold the screen and your phone together. Turn your phone on to ensure that the screen is working and you can see your apps on the phone.


Headphone Jack

The headphone jack can become distorted and unusable. When this happens, you can take the phone apart to fix it. The headphone jack is normally located and attached to the motherboard. It is simple to find and does not take much effort to replace. The jack may be clogged with dust or it could be loose. If the jack is clogged with dust, you can clean it with a duster. If the jack is loose, then see if it is possible to tighten it up without damaging the phone. When these two options fail you may need to replace the jack itself. Remove the old jack from the phone and replace it with the new product. Then reattach the phone components and try out the new jack.


Stuck Buttons

A stuck button on your smartphone can be a huge problem. This can cause your phone to not work properly. A smartphone that has faulty buttons can be replaced with new parts. These parts are easy to buy and takes little effort to replace. Once you have the replacement part, you can have your phone functioning again quickly. If you do not feel comfortable taking your phone apart, there may be other ways to solve the problem. The software can come in handy when buttons begin to fail because it will show you exactly how to replace them. It is important to be extremely careful installing new buttons because the wire cables are attached to the motherboard. Once you have attached the replacement buttons, your phone will be working flawlessly.

Wet Phone

When your phone gets wet, it can cause it to not turn on. This can seem like a catastrophe, but there is hope. A wet phone does not have to be the end of the world. Once the phone has been submerged in water, remove the battery. Place the phone in a plastic bag with rice. The rice will absorb the moisture and bring life back to your phone. Leave the device in the bag of rice for approximately 24 hours to ensure it is completely dry. Then take the phone out of the rice, replace the battery, and turn it on. Your phone will work properly without any hesitation.